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My first day

on May 29, 2014

This is just a quick post to say everything went great today at Advance Auto.  I had my head buried in spreadsheets verifying information for the facilities department team.  You have no idea how much there is to keep up with with thousands of stores. Everything from A/C not working to trees about to fall from adjoining property.

Things you don’t expect

One thing that was really surprising to me today was how quiet it was.  I’m used to noisy environments and at one point I realized that I could actually think….what a concept! There are easily 100 people working on the same floor as me and it was quieter than a library. And at 5pm we all left work.  I’ve never worked anywhere that everyone left at the same time.  🙂

Inspiration is everywhere

I also love all the inspirational quotes around the building emphasizing team work and success.  So important to remember that everyone is important in every organization.


My new workplace has a cafe where you can get a hot breakfast and lunch..and they serve Starbucks coffee there too.  To my friends in TV, don’t think you all are the only ones who have cakes at work.  Today at 3pm we celebrated the birthday of one of the ladies on the team which a big chocolate cake.   Oh and in the breakroom, which is right around the corner from my desk, there’s a machine that has ice cream and frozen dinners.


A big thanks goes to Kim Rutherford and Robin Yarborough from Kelly Services who gave me a shot at interviewing for this position. You never know what can happen when you let others help you.  And the biggest kudos goes to God for helping me navigate the path every day!


I will be back at work with the spreadsheets and the stacks of paper.  I can’t believe I am fortunate to work at a great place.


Mary Lu



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