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Changes keep coming…

on May 21, 2014

Life in Virginia in a word is breathtaking. I have so enjoyed learning about the ‘burgs (Christiansburg and Blacksburg), exploring my favorite walking trail (The Huckleberry Trail), and living in the mountains.  We’ve only had a couple of hot days so far and I love having our windows open…so do our kitties.

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Work challenges

My work has been challenging but almost as soon as I started I felt like something wasn’t quite right. I had a lot of peace about the decision to move here.  God and I had many discussions.  Dale and I had many discussions.  I talked a lot with my parents.  We all felt that after working at WSPA for 24 years and knowing what the right thing to do “almost automatically” that I was just settling in and it would take awhile.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t wear a lot of make up and have only had my nails done less than a handful of times. Working in an environment where women do these things almost automatically was a bit of a learning curve.  We sell a popular line of make up and skin care products…there are a lot of tubes, bottles, etc. I started pacing myself and concentrating on what I absolutely had to do.  I have a lot of helpful employees who could answer questions for clients. Even with all of this I still felt like something wasn’t quite right.

We didn’t know God was waiting to reveal a plan…

Kim Rutherford, who runs the local office for Kelly Services in Roanoke and is a personal friend, had been one very encouraging soul during my job search.  I had shared with her this unsettling feeling. We worked together to start seeing if there might be other opportunities in the area for me.

Several weeks ago she mentioned a position to me that involved accounting.  Once again, those who know me know that accounting isn’t my thing.   As it turns out this company dropped the accounting requirement.  She and her office reached out to me and asked how I was with Microsoft Word and Excel.  I said I use the products regularly.  Then they used an online test to see how good I was. Lord have mercy,  I felt like I was taking the SAT’s.  I knew that I hadn’t done well.  I don’t know if God changed the results but they said I did well!  I was pitched to this major corporation.  The next week I had an interview.  I really liked the people who interviewed me.  I felt it went well.  A week later or so we found out that it was down to me and another candidate.  Then we waited and waited some more.

What happened on Monday..

I reached out to the Kelly folks to see if they had heard if there would be a second interview. Monday afternoon I got a call that they wanted to interview me a second time next Tuesday.  I checked my schedule and I could make it.  Less than an hour later I got a text message from my friend Kim saying “Hey they called back and want you to start next week! Call me!”  Kim and I discussed what was going on. The company needed an answer pretty quickly.  Dale and I were in a thrift store.  So we discussed the opportunity amongst the used books.  This new job would be an incredible opportunity.  We left the store and talked some more and decided this was something too good to pass up.  I called Kim back and said yes!

Where will I be working and what will I be doing?

I will be an admin support specialist at Advance Auto‘s headquarters in Roanoke, Virginia.  I will work in a team that helps to solve problems for the company’s 4500+ stores.  If there is a problem with the store (like the a/c breaking) they send in a request to the fix-it desk and the team figures out how to best solve the problem, dispatching people to fix it, etc.

Advance Auto is the only Fortune 500 company in the area.  They have 1,600 employees at the facility where I will be working. They are dedicated to creating a positive culture for their employees and have a lot of opportunities to receive leadership training.

I feel this position suits my skills very well.  I really can’t believe it.  I start on Wednesday, May 28! Everything has happened so fast but I believe that this really is part of God’s plan and I give him all the glory!

Dale also received some incredible news today.  He will be training to be an on call assistant with Edward Jones offices in our area. His training should begin soon.  Also, there are some definite teaching possibilities on the horizon.  We are very grateful for what has been given to us.

Thank you to my friends and family who have been with me on this journey with me–praying for me, listening to me, and just being incredible.

Blessings on your day,

Mary Lu

P.S. for those who are wondering…I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds since I’ve been concentrating on exercising and watching what I eat.




5 responses to “Changes keep coming…

  1. SO happy for you! You deserve the best!

  2. Amy Wood says:

    Just wonderful news! On all fronts! Be blessed!

  3. Carolyn Shanesy says:

    Congratulations, Mary Lu! You and Dale deserve nothing but the best! So thrilled for you guys! Oh, BTW, tell Dale I have a handy-dandy nano light to send to him for completing Walk Upstate. Inbox me your address!

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