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Thoughts About Winter Weather

on February 14, 2014

For those who have been following my blog on The Daniel Plan we will start that up when the new week comes around. The winter weather and my crazy schedule got me severely off track.  You know what?  Life happens and we just have to roll with it instead of obsessing that we’ve made mistakes.

When massive storms come into our area most of the world stops but first responders, doctors, nurses, and other essential personnel kick into high gear.  This includes those in television news.  I’ve had the opportunity to talk with or message with colleagues in the path of this storm.  It is pretty much the same everywhere.  Everyone is working long shifts to tell the best story for our viewers.

I wish people knew some of the “back stories” of dedication of my co-workers.  One in particular this time around is Kevin Patton who is a photographer at WSPA.  After working a 12+ hour day Wednesday.  Got up super early Thursday morning to take his wife to work in Greenville.  It was her first day back after maternity leave.  She is a dedicated nurse and is one of those people who HAD to be at work.  He made sure she was there safely and then waited for his day to begin.

These long coverage events make you weary and worry a little.  Family members are at home waiting for  you to come home at some point.  At work you wonder if they are ok, do they have power, is there enough food?  When you do arrive home all you want is some food and sleep.

We are very fortunate with this storm that we didn’t get much icing like our friends in the lower part of the state.  And we are blessed that snow doesn’t last very long around here.   I see some 60’s coming up in our forecast. 🙂  Our northern friends still have many months of this to contend with.  I know the groundhog doesn’t agree but I’m hoping this is the end of winter for us.

To wrap this up, I am very proud of the team I work with at WSPA-TV.  We all work together and try to do the very best every day and kick it up a notch when it comes to storm coverage.

Here is my favorite picture that I took when leaving on the first day it snowed.

wspa snow

I hope you all have enjoyed your taste of winter and are ready for Spring to bloom!  I am!


Mary Lu


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