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Week 1….Slow and Low

on January 15, 2014

My first week on the Daniel Plan was a limited success.  I like to reflect using BBQ terms…it was slow and low.  It was a crazy week to say the least.  Sunday was a good day to kick it off but then we had those pesky winter storms lurking about.

As the Assignment Manager at WSPA-TV this is one of my least favorite times of the year because it means that I have to go into work at 4 a.m.  I help the morning crew gather information, patch telephone interviewees through to be on-air, and keep the website updated.

Monday and Tuesday turned into 12 hour days.  Even though they were long days I made my breakfast and hubby’s the night before and carried along something for snacks and lunch.  Wednesday I was planning to travel to Virginia for a visit with my parents and stay through Saturday.

Coping with the plan while I was gone

My first game plan was to make sure my husband, Dale was set while I was away.  I assembled some neat little turkey wraps for him.  Three slices nitrate-free turkey, spread with homemade artichoke hummus, and a romaine leaf.  I made two of those.  Then I made upside down salads.  Have you seen those swirling about on Facebook?  You take a jar (I used a pint and a half mason jar) put a little bit of salad dressing (I used the Daniel Plan version) and stack veggies on top of each other.  By keeping the dressing at the bottom you can make several ahead.  Sunday through Tuesday I had made a few Daniel Plan dinners already and saved portions for him to have for the rest of the week.  I labeled all the containers so he knew which was lunch, dinner, etc.  We had snacks all bagged up.

My parents eat a very healthy diet so I made a slight deviation from the Daniel Plan.  I was going to concentrate on having protein and lots of veggies.  I was not going to succumb to bread and dessert.  I would exercise while away.  Sounds like an easy plan.  Well…not so much.

Temptation lurks around every bend in the road

While I spent 5 hours in the car alone traveling to Virginia, my mind started thinking about fast food and a nagging voice telling me just one little treat wouldn’t hurt.  Then I remembered one of the main points of the Daniel Plan is FOCUS!  Focus on what you can have.  I was already drinking cold tea which necessitated several stops to find a restroom.  I did allow myself a little Starbucks Chocolate Chai Tea Latte…later realizing that the latte part incorporates milk.  In the first phase of the Daniel Plan NO DAIRY Mary Lu!  But I enjoyed it!

Eating wasn’t too bad I focused on staying away from bread.  Actually we went out to eat several times.  One evening I had the most beautiful salad at a restaurant called Montano’s (my favorite in Roanoke, VA) and they ironically had just won the Most Beautiful Salad award that day.  Mom and I felt proud as we ate our salad with salmon creation.  Guess who forgot to take a picture of it?  Trust me it was a thing of beauty and so tasty!

Exercising is part of the plan

Unfortunately, I only had one day of walking but this one was great.  The Roanoke/Salem areas have the most gorgeous greenways and I thought mom and I needed to try out a portion of the Salem end.  The weather was perfect and the view of the river was superb. We enjoyed a 2.5 mile walk!  So easy when you have good company and a beautiful view. Yes, I remembered a picture this time!

Roanoke River

Reentry at home

I came home thinking I had done so well.  I stepped on the scale Sunday morning and I’d only lost one pound!  What?!?  This is not a failure.  Several friends and my husband told me to stop beating myself up..remember I still lost a pound.  My husband lost about 4 pounds in the first week.

I did notice this week while paying closer attention and getting more exercise that I’ve dropped some weight.  We’ll wait until Sunday for weigh-in day but it should be good.

Lessons learned in week one

The first ten days to two weeks on this program is to detoxify you.  Then you can add some things back in.  I realized I DON’T MISS SODA.  I haven’t had a Diet Pepsi in at least two weeks and even though there are two sitting in the fridge…I don’t want them.  I’ve become really fond of a brand of tea by the STASH company.  Raspberry Hibiscus and Lemon Ginger make tasty iced tea.  You can find it at Ingles.  I’ve also become a Chai tea fan too.

I love to cook but there is more work involved in preparing so much healthy food. It started to wear me out. If you plan ahead a make multiples things are so much easier.  Also, after trying out my mom’s Nutribullet I decided we needed one.  I now make a smoothie to take to work everyday.  I’ve found by adding a little peanut or almond butter to fruit and spinach or kale that it is mighty tasty. (Thanks Ken Kirkley for the peanut butter tip!) I’ve never been a big blender fan so the Nutribullet works out great.  (If anyone wants a blender let me know…it’s free to a good home.)

I set a goal for this week to walk 10 miles.  It is Tuesday and I’m half way to the goal!  I’m using the Runkeeper app to track my walking.  While it looks like this app is for running it accommodates all sorts of physical activities.  I don’t think I’ll try downhill skiing anytime soon.

Thanks for taking time to read about my journey.  I would love to hear from any of you that are on a whole foods journey and what you are doing to keep yourself and your families healthier.


Mary Lu


2 responses to “Week 1….Slow and Low

  1. Carolyn Farr Shanesy says:

    Good luck on your journey, Mary Lu! I’m sure you are going to do great! Giving up soda is super hard, so bravo to you! I’ve been caffeine free for almost a year and feel great. I cheat on occasion when I need a pick me up, but for the most part, it’s water all day every day!

  2. Jacque Schaaf says:

    Woohoo! Good job Mary Lu and Dale! Praying that the Lord uses all of this for His glory!

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