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on January 5, 2014

Today is Day 1 of The Daniel Plan for me and my husband.  I won’t be blogging every day about this because there are so many other topics to talk about.  I wanted to tell you a little about the preparation that we’ve been going through, especially in the last 24 hours.  I am writing now because I suddenly wanted something to eat.  Nothing says you are already on a collision course to disaster when you want something you can’t have. I keep reminding myself this is a choice I am making for me, to improve myself for the others that depend on me, and most importantly to be what God wants me to be WHOLE AND HEALTHY!

It is all in the preparation

I’ve been trying to finish up reading “The Daniel Plan” book….I still have a chapter to go.  I thought it was really important not to jump to the food part without understanding why this is going to be a winning plan.  I’ve also watched numerous videos on their website which as served to inspire me along with giving me some great information.

Last week I made dinners using Daniel Plan recipes.   Some were from the 2 week detox menu and others were part of the regular plan.  The book has lots of recipes and the there will be a cookbook in hardback and e-book coming out in March. Pre-orders are being taking pre-orders now.   I love cookbooks so this will be a must for me.

Ready for the food emergency

In addition to trying out the recipes,  I made small snack bags of nuts to get us used to eating more plain nuts. The plan really stresses being prepared to a “food emergency.” You need to have things with you so you aren’t tempted by the vending machine in the break room at work or wanting to cruise into your favorite drive-thru because you think you can’t wait until you get home. I’ve also prepared cinnamon dusted almonds and crunchy chick pea snacks that are part of the detox menu for snacks.  This would be something fun to do with children…so easy.    I will confess that I don’t know that I’m totally sold on the crunchy chick peas but it think it will grow on me.

Food field trip

Yesterday we had a food field trip.  My husband Dale and I met a good food buddy, Mike McCormick at a place we’d been wanting to check out in Greer called The Grain Loft.   JacqueCo-owner Jacque Schaaf greeted us and spent time telling us about the store and the mission that she and her husband Pat share.  She was also interested to learn about us…imagine that a store owner that wanted to get to know you? Very refreshing!

The Grain Loft has all sorts of beans, dried fruit, flours, some small appliances and things you can’t find at your The Grain Loft displaylocal store.  They also have lots of local products: eggs, cheese, raw milk, honey, soaps, and wooden cooking tools.  We hear that local meat may be coming soon.  We loaded up on beans, coconut oil, hemp seeds, and some other items. Jacque ordered some protein powder for us as well.  She spent time explaining the choices.  They place orders once a month and we were there a day before their deadline. Yay!  Stop by and see what is going on at The Grain Loft.  They also have an array of classes that look pretty interesting.  I need to get those in my schedule.

Meals on the first day

This morning called for a Dr. Hyman’s whole food protein shake.  I threw all the ingredients including frozen blueberries, a bunch of different types of nuts and seeds along with a banana and the other ingredients in the blender.  I tasted it and thought it needed to be colder.  Throwing some ice cubes in did the trick.  It was great for a quick meal before church.

When we got home I realized that we should have our snack but it was around 11am.  I didn’t know if we should have it or go straight into lunch.   I looked at the lunch menu which was 1/2 cup of quinoa with steamed broccoli and carrots topped with a special salad dressing.  And I didn’t know if lunch would be enough.  So I prepared the snack (homemade artichoke hummus with carrots, celery and cucumbers) and lunch.  My husband told me that he couldn’t eat it all and wanted to save it for later.  I realized I was full too.   I believe a lot of this is going to be retraining my brain.  Realize “Mary Lu you are full you don’t have to clean your plate!”

Snack I’m writing to you with a bowl of carrots, celery and homemade hummus beside me.  This was leftover from the  morning snack that I tried to pile in with our lunch.

Tonight will be a stir fry with coconut rice.  I’m looking forward to that!

What else is going on in the kitchen?

Right now I’m cooking some garbanzo beans using a method I found online. And I will work a little later on preparing the ingredients for a crock pot meal that I will serve to guests tomorrow night that are interested in learning more about the plan.

All of this requires a little organization.   When we came home from our shopping yesterday at The Grain Loft, Trader Joe’s in Greenville, and a few other stops I made sure that we got rid of things that weren’t part of the plan.  We were able to donate two bags of food to The Carpenter’s Table ministry through our church.  Joy Lutheran makes it so handy by having a grocery cart in the gathering place.

Our food cabinets and fridge are stocked up and ready to go.  ShelfI can’t remember when my refrigerator has been so stuffed!

The journey

Thank you for taking time for reading about this journey.  As I mentioned, I will be writing regularly about things are going on The Daniel Plan.  We have some friends that are planning on joining us on the journey once the DVDs for the group study come in.  Community is a big part of this.  Finding people who want to share this time with you which is rooted in the Bible.  I’m going to try to get a walk in today.  The forecast isn’t looking great for the next couple of days.  I’m looking forward to all of this coming together.

I have heard from a lot of friends on Facebook and those of you who have signed up to follow my blog.  I’d love to keep that conversation going.  Send me a note in the box below.

Blessings on your week to come!

Mary Lu


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