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on December 27, 2013

While on a recent visit with my parents in Virginia I was struck by how much I missed something.  That something is being able to hug my mom tight.

I come from a long line of huggers.  My parents always give me the best hugs.  All of my grandparents were huggers too.   Hugs could be for celebratory occasions or for ones filled with heartache. My husband is quite the expert in this field too.  I have lots of friends that are great huggers.  In fact in the newsroom where I work one of our anchors, Gordon Dill is a big hug proponent!

I like to give hugs too.  I think it is pretty cool that my 21-year-old son still likes a hug from his mom…he never grew out of that.  Good thing because I would still do it!

My precious mom has osteoporosis and has experienced fractures in her vertebrae and is struggling right now with a fractured SI joint.  The hugs still happen but we won’t be doing any “extreme hugging” because we don’t want to damage what healing is taking place.

Have you ever thought of how important touching is?

There are other things that can take the place of those hugs.  Touch.  I realized this when out shopping with my mom. I grabbed her hand in a parking lot (I thought a driver was going to run her down) and we didn’t let go until we got in the store.  This reminded me of very sweet times when I was a little girl and mom would walk down to the bus stop to get me and we’d hold hands on the way home.  Or when mom and dad would take me places and all three of us would hold hands.  I love holding my husband’s hand.

Touching in biblical times

When Jesus was on earth people walked for days in hopes of having the opportunity to be touched by him or to touch his clothes. They believed that being touched would cure them from diseases or would fix their problems.  People were raised from the dead and the blind were made to see. His touch was not limited to the wealthy.  Jesus would go to those who were ostracized and afflicted.  We see time and time again that he had a mission to take care of so many who were suffering.

Our challenge

As a positive thinker, I want to challenge everyone to hug someone or touch someone today.  There are many people in our communities that could use a hug, a pat on the back, or someone to hold their hand.

I would also ask you to pray for my mom as we figure out what the next steps are for her.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog.  As always, I would love to start some discussion about these topics and hear from you!


Mary Lu


2 responses to “Hugging

  1. Gordon D says:

    Great post ML! I don’t understand why anyone would be opposed to a hug from a friend. They’re GREAT!

    – Gordon

  2. Nancy krick says:

    My father and I walked hand in hand our whole lives. I miss those strong working mans hands and the security I felt with my hand tucked within them.

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