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Welcome To My Blog!

on December 14, 2013


I blogged off and on a few years ago when I thought God was calling me to be a missionary. I realized instead He was calling me to what I like to call a God-venture.  I spent a lot of time learning about missionary life, working with a national mission organization called MissionNext, helping missionaries with small tasks, and learning a lot about myself.

This was the first time I dedicated myself to something and when it was over I wasn’t defeated.  I realized that this was another stepping stone in life.  Talk about an incredible feeling!  God was using me to further his kingdom and guess what?  Mary Lu wasn’t in control.   He put people in my path to guide me and listen to me.  This is a mission that will never end.  The relationship I have with the Lord is first and foremost.

I have felt this need to share myself with others in another medium.  Which brings me back to blogging.  I have assembled this page to share with you my thoughts, recipes, and blogs written by those I respect and admire.

I hope that you will find useful information that I pass along and that you will engage with me.  Drop me a note, let your friends know about my blog, and if you have suggestions please pass them along.

Thanks for stopping by my page,

Mary Lu


8 responses to “Welcome To My Blog!

  1. I’m so happy for you, and for those who get to read this blog! Looking forward to every post!!!

  2. Bob Clark says:

    We are proud of you and this venture! Dad and Mom

  3. Carl Peklenk says:

    Really nice looking blog ~ keep up the good work, Mary Lu!

  4. Excited that you are doing something you are passionate about! Not only will be a blessing to others, it will also bless you!

  5. Thanks so much for all the nice comments!

  6. Laura Nunamacher says:

    Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing how God uses you!!! You’re a blessing to those around you!

  7. Kay Pennington says:

    Can’t wait to read your next entry :O)

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